Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Road accident in Malaysia is increasing every year and is dangerous to all people. In this situation all people must realize and give more attention to decrease the rate of road accident. At the same time, all people must cooperation with authorities like police to settle this problem. As we know many factors that cause this problem and the main factor is from human. After that the causes are road condition from poor, climate and vehicle factors. The rate of road accidents could be reduced by the various actions including from education, comfortable road condition, campaign and enforced the law. If all people give support and cooperation, this problem could be settled easily and our country also can decrease the number of deaths that result from road accident.


  1. This problem can be resolved if all parties cooperate and there is no feeling of selfishness when it was on the road..

  2. in addition..selfish attitude should not exist when on the road because it can endanger the lives of other users.

  3. i am doing road safety research for a few years already. some are supported by miros in terms of information. encountered your blog. it's very difficult reading pink/purple on black and noisy background. i hope the readability of this blog is revised. and the song is disturbing.